MME Bin Rentals


Our disposal bins range in size from 4 cubic yards to 14 cubic yards. They are delivered using light-duty trucks so getting into tight spaces is easy. To avoid damage to your driveway, all bins have rollers and we protect your driveway with wood.  

Disposal bin rental rates start as low as $80 and vary based on the location of the bin. There is also a local landfill fee which is charged for dumping which is typically calculated by the metric tonne (charged by recycling facility.) Unlike many of our competitors, we never increase these fees to make additional income. You pay what we pay!

Our dumpster rental costs are the lowest in the business and our great dumpster prices are matched by top-notch service.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash for payment. For a detailed quote or Contact Us if you have any questions or need help deciding which disposal bin rental is right for you.

To ensure quality of service and availability please order your dumpster at least 2 days ahead of date required.

We offer a variety of sizes to suit different needs at very competitive rates!


10 YARD 


No hidden fees, fuel surcharges or additional costs, upfront and honest rates!

Call (519) 836-4448 to reserve your bin rental today!

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We Offer

Delivery and removal of 4, 10 and 14 yard bins including same day Delivery & Pick-up.